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  • Marketing

      Adding MMS & SMS into your marketing strategy is the perfect way to get your message heard above the noise of other direct marketing channels. Compared to other channels, MMS & SMS boast a significantly higher open rate, are low cost, high impact & can be automated to save you time!
  • Event Communications

      MMS is a perfect way to send a save-the-date, event invitation or updates during an event to keep your guests informed. Schedule a series of event reminders leading up to and during an event to keep it on track. The addition of times, dates and locations in the text can be easily saved into smart phone calendars & maps.
  • Competitions

      Running a competition is a great way to attract new customers and keep current customers engaged. A text-in or referral competition is a great way to build your database. Q&A competitions can be fun & offer important product information.
  • Coupons

      You may not always have coupon in your wallet, but you always have your phone. Drive traffic to your business by sending your coupons via MMS straight to their handset. A text-in campaign to receive an MMS coupon will build your database with engaged potential customers.
  • Greeting Cards

      Say Happy Birthday or Seasons Greetings with an MMS. MMS is much more cost effective & time efficient, save on cards, postage costs & time.
  • Lead Generation

      Use your virtual number to run text-in campaigns from your social media & other marketing material. Inbound messages can trigger an automatic response & capture data in your mobipost account.
  • Informational

      In this day & age your customers are more likely to respond to a text message rather than answer a phone call. Keep your contacts updated with important information such as billing reminders, appointment reminders, welcome messages, rostering purposes, change to opening hours.
  • ID Verification

      Use your inbound MMS line to capture identification for verification. It is quick & convenient for the sender & you will receive it direct to your email or designated web address.
  • Insurance Claims

      Use your inbound MMS line to capture images for insurance claims. Your customers simply text in photos of their claim along with their claim number & it is delivered direct to your email or designated web address.


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Send MMS Message Online


  • Provides flexibility
  • Saves you time
  • Mobile line rental
  • List & optout upload
  • Campaign creation & sending
  • Scheduled reporting
  • *MMS artwork can be created for additional costs
  • MMS delivered directly to your email or web address
  • Full portal access
  • Dedicated mobile number
  • MMS & SMS
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Capture data


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