2011 Predictions For Mobile Marketing

There is no denying that the proliferation of smart phones and mobile marketing will continue to grow into 2011 and beyond.  Mobile messaging generally represents the best return on investment of any marketing medium yet mobile only represents on average 4% of marketing spend.

So in such a fast moving industry what are our thoughts on where mobile is heading and some of the predictions for growth in 2011?

1. Mobile coupons

As mobile messaging and marketing continues to grow, a particular area of growth will likely be mobile coupons.  Mobile coupons are continually far outstripping the response rates of other methods of couponing and cutting delivery costs.  It is an extremely logical use for mobile.  Are you more likely to redeem a coupon that is on your phone or on your fridge at home?

2. Continued growth of MMS

MMS continues to outstrip response rates of traditional messaging methods and still respresents the best way to deliver content to mobile phones.  Due to this we will continue to see major growth in MMS particularly as high impact brands start to take advantage.

3. Automated mobile messaging

Mobile marketing has always fit well in the world of CRM (customer relationship management) however as CRM systems evolve and managers realise the potential of mobile as a customer relationship medium we will see the growth of automated messages grow substantially.  For example, CRM systems will increasingly automate mobile customer touchpoints such as birthday messages, loyalty club welcome messages, fitness club welcome messages along with automated sales follow ups and customer lifecycle touchpoints. The ability of 2 way SMS to take advantage of customer replies then opens up another area of potential.

4. Continued proliferation of smartphones

It is expected that by 2011 over 85% of handsets shipped globally will have browser capabilities. The huge growth in smartphones backed by the iPhone will continue to encourage more people to access the web on their mobile handsets. As smartphone penetration increases, more users will possess the technology to view richer content on their mobile devices making the medium extremely powerful and important to marketers.

It will be another interesting year to watch as mobile marketing budgets continue to grow, One thing is for certain, the general uptake of mobile services outside of simple phone calls will continue unabated.

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