5 things to include in your mobile messages to get results like these Part 1 [Plus Fitness Case Study]

At MOBIPOST, we are super impressed with the way Plus Fitness Lidcombe and Plus Fitness Granville are using mobile.

Not only do they have a great mobile retention strategy in place, but they are also smashing it with their marketing campaigns; especially their month long September promotion.

Plus Fitness were using all the usual marketing tactics for their September promo including; social media marketing and clear visible along a busy road. In addition, they also used mobile at the start of the month and followed up with an SMS towards the end of the month, to really drive the message in and get people to sign up.

Their offer went out to their prospects, ex-members and members (for referrals) which resulted in…


  • Granville have received 130 new memberships to date*
  • Lidcombe have received 110 new memberships to date*

(*please note, sale ends on the 30th September)

Chris, the owner at Plus Fitness Granville and Lidcombe, had this to say about the campaign, “We used a combination of social media, an electronic sign (which has 200,000+ cars driving past every day) and because we are a standalone building at the corner of traffic light which makes us very visible. It looks like 60% came from the electronic sign however, I did see a good spike in sales for the week after the SMS has gone out and many current members brought their friends in to join when they received the follow up SMS.”

“We use mobile for majority of our marketing campaigns and will continue to do so.”

So how did they get consistently good numbers across both clubs? The combination of marketing tactics they used; one of which was mobile. Click through to Part 2 to find out 5 things you should include in your marketing messages to get results like this.