Boot Camps, Challenges, Group Fitness are you using MOBIPOST to help your clients get better results?

One way that we know that MOBIPOST can be used well is to build a genuine connection with your customers. If you are a fitness club that runs Bootcamps or challenges MOBIPOST can be used a ongoing motivational tool for participants.

Sending out regular motivational messages and words of encouragement to your challenge participants works on a number of levels but primarily can be seen to add a personal and encouraging touch to your service. On another note a well-timed SMS note with diet and work out tips can help raise motivation and help your participants get better results from your workout challenges.

Tina, from Fit To Go in Cheltenham has been doing just that and notes the positive influence that MOBIPOST can have:

“It’s a great tool to keep my participants motivated and make sure they are constantly on track. One of the main jobs as a PT or group coach is to provide inspiration and motivation to people that may otherwise lack it. MOBIPOST is definitely helping me achieve this.”