Get the most out of your Open Day’s with Dani’s Top 9′s

Want to smash Open Day’s like these guys Snap Fitness Perth CBD and Snap Fitness Myaree who both got over 100 signups?

Yes, of course you do!

Dani, our marketing genius, has put together her Top 9 guidelines on how to market for the day to get the best results possible.

1. Put forward the BEST offer you can possibly do for prospects – this is MOST IMPORTANT –

2. If you have a member base from pre-sale, put a ridiculously good accumulative offer to members to get them to refer – like a free month for every friend referral.

3. Have some exciting activities on. Successful open days have included Sumo wrestling, rock climbing, face painting, sausage sizzle, live band, jumping castle, local celebrity appearances (footy team) – the more the merrier!

4. Have some freebies for everyone – show bags & giveaways. The more you entice them out of their weekend and into your club it will be worth your while. Make it exciting!!

5. Imagery. The more photo’s you send to us to include, the better it will look.

6. Keep it friendly, friendly, friendly! Remember all prospects and members are your VIP gold list – so treat them as long lost friends in all dealings. Ensure all your staff know and act accordingly. Get them pumped! Get the right personalities winning them over – always.

7. Don’t just rely on mobile phone messaging. Although this is a strong direct medium to get your message across, it is expected to receive for 2-20% of responses. Include community posters, cross promotions with local businesses, radio, in-house advertising, emails, web presence and whatever you can get – any medium to plant a seed will get them into the right state of mind – the better they will respond to the mobile message when received.

8. A successful campaign usually runs about 3 weeks finishing with the mobile phones message to bring it home to the recipient and can result in over 100 sign ups on the day. The MMS is best sent about 3 days prior.

9. Don’t forget your reminder message sent to them on the day.

One of the most important point Dani has made in her Top 9’s, are the benefits of combining all forms of marketing to get maximum return for your Open Day.

By following these simple steps you can then sit back and enjoy the day and appreciate all the hard work you have put in to make the day a success!

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Got any other strategies that would help to make an Open Day success? We would love to hear!

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc