Infographic: How to Write Effective SMS Messages

We know sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when writing a SMS message. So we present to you a nice little infographic from MarketingProfs to help you out!​​

A handy tip to remember is think about what you would want to receive- put yourself in the shoes of your customer. That way you can identify what you should include in each message.

In this infographic it says you have limited space to write your message- however with MOBIPOST you can go over 160 characters as a 2-part message, 3-part message, 4-part message (you get the idea!) so keep that in mind when writing out your next message!​​

Hope it helps! ​​

Planning to send a text message to your audience? Then you know you have to capture their attention in a glance.​​

The following infographic by Text Marketer offers tips for writing SMS messages that make the most of your customers’ limited mobile space (and time).​​

According to the infographic, the most obvious part of an SMS text sometimes gets overlooked: telling your audience who you are. Make sure the text lets recipients know who the text is from.​​

Another tip is to keep the text simple and clear. A text can be up to 160 characters only, so focus on one point rather than cramming all sorts of information.​​

Also, the text should convey a strong call to action. What do you want your customers to do? Tell them.​​

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