MMS Triples Personal Training Participation!

Fenix Fitness is a fitness club chain with 10 clubs across Australia, they have been an avid user of mobiPOST for some time and are continuing to advance their mobile marketing initiatives. Fenix takes advantage of mobiPOST across all of their clubs for a wide range of uses including SMS member communications, acquisition and retention strategies right through to full scale MMS marketing campaigns.

Recently Fenix took advantage of mobiPOST’s MMS capability to notify and encourage members to take part in the 12 week Fenix Transformation Challenge, a specialised and “gritty” program that exhibits phenomenal improvements amongst their member’s lifestyles. Fenix was looking to attract existing members to the challenge so with the help of mobiPOST, created a specific MMS animation to drive interest in the program.  The MMS was sent to existing club members to inform them of their information evenings relating to the challenge and sent out in the lead up to the campaign.

The results were fantastic with more than triple the participants taking part in the challenge compared to the previous two non-MMS promoted challenges.

Pete Gleeson, PT Manager for Fenix clubs said quite simply that “The numbers speak for themselves. Our challenge entrants were tripled to the two previous 12 week challenges with the inclusion of the MMS, there was a huge spike in responses immediately after the MMS.  I will definitely be running similar campaigns into the future”.

Darren Press, mobiPOST Manager says, “Increasingly clubs are leveraging the full power of MMS for major campaigns with mobiPOST’s ability to fully brand the message and convey the intent of their campaigns, with far greater affect than basic SMS”.

The campaign highlights the amazing cut through of MMS marketing and the ability to drive outcomes quickly.

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