Mobile Marketing and Retention Strategies Just For You

One of our absolute favourite bloggers at MOBIPOST is Greg Hickman. He dominates the world in mobile marketing with his site Mobile Mixed and has recently provided us with an excellent podcast that is specific for health and fitness coaches.​​

I highly recommend you listen to one of his latest podcasts as it goes through the benefits of mobile in the fitness industry.​​

Even if you aren’t a part of the health club world- it is definitely worth a listen as you might surprise yourself what else you can do for your business!​​


What you can take away from this podcast? (Plus some added thoughts by me!)​​

Take care of your customers.​​

An excellent question that Greg Hickman has raised is; have you noticed how many apps there are to help get/maintain a healthy lifestyle? Because there are tons!​​

People are turning to their smartphones to help transform their busy, hectic lives into a fit and healthy one.​​

Smartphones have been used to make tracking and reaching goals easier by recording calorie intake, distances covered, exercises, weight loss rates, etc. which then you can compare your progress online.​​

Your customers are already on their mobiles to help them reach their fitness goals. You’ve found them so go ahead and start the dialogue between the two of you by using mobile!​​

Greg provides some great examples and presents the idea of an ‘added service to your product’. This will help your existing customers with their fitness and health progress but also will help you the manager as a retention strategy.

Think about sending simple SMS or MMS messages like…

  • Motivational texts
  • Quick, healthy snack recipes
  • New pump up tracks
  • Fitness tips
  • Stretching advice
  • Class timetable for the day

Whatever it is, make sure it is relevant to who you are sending the messages to.​​

And lastly

Your customers are busy people! They are running around trying to fit everything into their day and sometimes they just don’t have time. Make life that much easier for them and make the effort to help them reach their health goals. By doing this, you will notice that the extra attention you give them will help them become a lifelong member.

To read and listen to his full article, click here.

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