Mobile: so popular with consumers, why not with marketers?

A recent article published by marketing mag Australia highlights the continued overlooked or missed opportunity that Mobile Marketing presents.

There is reassuring growth in the Mobile space but many marketers are still missing the mark, including some of the world’s biggest brands!

For some great insights, tips and general thoughts the article is a great read and includes some input from MOBIPOST manager Darren Press.

The article takes a in depth look at the Mobile Marketing field in Australia and outlines key principles, tips and previous mistakes.

Here are four guidelines taken from the article:

1. Don’t use mobile with a campaign designed for another medium,
2. Don’t use Mobile for pure branding, wasting a consumer’s time,
3. Deliver the consumer a real benefit or value, and
4. Think about frequency of engagement and follow up.

These rules definitely ring true when looking at successful MOBIPOST campaigns!

See the original article here.