Mobile Video – On The Up!

There is no doubt that the way that people are using and consuming media on their mobile phones is changing.  The proliferation of smart internet connected phones means that people can now access rich media directly on their phones. In line with this trend mobiPOST’s built in MMS capability allows you to easily deliver mobile videos directly from the platform.

MobiPOST’s unique delivery platform ensures that video is rendered and sent in the best possible format.  Mobile video is a fantastic way to deliver eye catching and engaging content direct to your customers and can be seen as a way to get extra return and value out of existing video content.  Many of our successful mobile video campaigns have taken existing 15sec television commercial, uploaded to mobiPOST and delivered direct to customer phones.  The ROI of the mobile message is almost certainly going to outstrip the television ad!

Another major benefit of a well-executed mobile video campaign is the viral component; if your video is valuable, entertaining and worthwhile receiving for a customer there is a very high likely hood that they will forward the message on.  Mobile video has the highest ‘viral’ figures of all mobile content.

Mobile video presents a new and existing marketing opportunity and although marketers have been slow to adopt the tide is now changing.  With the ease of managing mobile video MMS campaigns in mobiPOST, no doubt we will see more and more successful case studies coming to the fore.

If you are interested in mobile video, insight into our existing case studies or looking for advice on how to best optimize existing video for mobile delivery please contact us.