Mobile Will Drive Sales This Festive Season

In the lead up to Christmas, we recently found a fantastic article by Dan Butcher on that had some great mobile marketing thoughts for the festive season.

The article highlights some interesting facts about were mobile marketing is heading and how it will play a huge role in the battle for the festive dollar.  “Mobile will drive more sales in-store than actual salespeople this holiday season as consumers turn to the mobile Web and applications to research products, read reviews and compare prices”.  The article then goes on to highlight some of the key ways that mobile marketing campaigns can be executed smartly in time for the Christmas retail rush.

“Mobile will drive more sales in-store than human sales people,” said Gretchen Scheiman, partner and director for CRM at OgilvyOne Worldwide, New York. “If they can get access to reviews and all the data that is out there that is more trusted than salespeople, they’re going to turn to mobile”.  Worth noting that this means more traffic to your website from mobile phones, you need to make sure your site is mobile friendly.

More and more, not only are people researching on their smartphone but they are willing to actually purchase off their phone.

There are a range of ways that mobile can be used as a marketing channel, with basic SMS coupons still at the fore. “For example, a brand could do the “12 days of Christmas” with 12 text messages before Dec. 24, where gift ideas and special pricing announcements would be delivered every morning to consumers’ phones”.

To drive purchases, marketers have to give consumers an incentive to push them to purchase.  Mr. Ahearn suggests that brand go for top-line revenue generators, such as SMS and MMS. “They are cheaper and will ring the register,” Mr. Ahearn said. “Imprecise brand awareness campaigns are probably low on the list of marketing objectives to fulfill at Christmas.“SMS is a simple, cheap and an effective way to get the word out and drive traffic,” he said. “Simple mobile Web deployment to provide information will be key, and a store locator is a must.

So how do you deploy a smart mobile marketing campaign? Start with a goal, not with mobile, per Ogilvy. If SMS is right for your goal, then it is probably going to be mixed with other channels as well so make sure you measure and track response. Brands and retailers must make sure they plan at the start and aim to measure results. MMS coupons with POS redemption are a great way to do this on the mobile. “Retailers should include click to call and very obvious customer service contact information,” Said Gretchen. “If you start with a goal and strip out all the nice-to-haves then you can keep mobile pretty simple and achievable, That is still key for most brands who are still getting into mobile.”As always mobile copy should be short, sweet and to the point, The best mobile campaigns will have something that draws the consumer in such as a prize, saving or something of real value to a customer.

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