mobiPOST and MobileFit Collaborate

Two of the industry’s leading technology developers have teamed up to provide a powerful integrated solution for health clubs that aims to automate a number of time consuming management tasks. (Third Screen Media) and MobileFit Intelligent Fitness Systems have collaborated to provide a number of automated SMS triggers specifically designed to help clubs save time and increase efficiency.

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Take a look at MobileFit’s full introductory video here.

MobileFit Australia’s Lane Harrison explains “Our goal by teaming up with Third Screen Media is to help clubs automate some of the time consuming processes involved in operating a successful health club.”
Harrison adds

“We spent considerable time identifying the key processes that clubs would benefit most from automating with SMS. One of the key areas we identified by talking to our clients was appointment reminders. Many club owners and managers are increasingly frustrated by the sheer number of members that cancel appointments at the last minute. This can have a significant cost ramification especially in the case of personal training when a replacement cannot be made in time.”

Some clubs are attempting to handle this problem through phone calls however the process of ringing every member with an appointment is very time consuming.

The SMS appointment reminder will trigger automatically 24 or 48 hours before a member’s appointment and will send a friendly reminder of the appointment time. The member has the option to reply if they wish to cancel or re schedule in the future. This allows clubs to fill any time slots where last minute cancellations may have taken place.

Harrison adds “The fact that the entire process is automated once the booking is made makes it very easy for clubs”.

Other automated triggers in the project will include “assessment due reminders” and retention follow up. Customers may choose to set up custom triggers that suit their specific needs.

mobiPOST’s Darren Press explains that the automatic triggers available through the collaboration will help each companies expanding customer bases become more efficient: “We’ve been working with fitness clubs for over three years on their retention strategies using mobile communications as the key connection between club and members. We feel our customers are looking for a comprehensive solution rather than having several software applications for several different tasks”. By integrating and working closely with other technology leaders like MobileFit we can provide clubs with a solution that’s easy to use and all in the one place.

For further information call MobileFit Australia on 03 9841 5907
Or mobiPOST (Third Screen Media) on – 03 9804 4600

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