We have said it before and we will say it again; engage with your audience through MMS!

This is extremely valuable information from Mobile Marketer written by Chantal Tode.

​​This case study has been written up for one of the big guys in mobile marketing: Starbucks. Love them or hate them, they are doing awesome work in creating fun, interactive mobile campaigns that we can all learn from. Through trial and error, Starbucks have really grasped how to connect with their audiences across a range of platforms.

Even though this case study is directly related to mobile marketing for big businesses, you can still apply it to your business, no matter how big or small.

​​What you can take away from this article? The benefits of using mobile engagement and how it can increase traffic to your physical store.

​​My favourite part of this article (in italics below) makes excellent comments on how MMS has the ability to be shared. This means the video, weblink, voucher anything you send as a MMS, can be passed on to friends and family. That is a perfect way to increase your reach!

How Starbucks is pushing the envelope with SMS, MMS marketing- MMS drives engagement

​​ The MMS message also informed recipients about a Happy Hour special offer that was in effect from 3 pm to 5 pm until May 12, with in-store customers able to get a Frappucino for half-off during this period.

​​The MMS featured shortened URLs pointing recipients to the brand’s dedicated Twitter and Instagram handles @frappucino. By pointing users to dedicated social media pages, Starbucks will be able to track click-through rates and measure engagement from uploaded images.

​​The MMS could also be easily saved or shared, which will drive social sharing.

​​Read here the full article. You will most definitely learn something and be able to incorporate it into your next mobile campaign!

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