SMS Drives Christmas Sales

This article comes from Text Marketer, an SMS provider in the UK and provides some very interesting insights into timeliness and immediate benefits of SMS, particularly around Christmas Season.

Last minute mobile vouchers and coupons can work wonders at driving sales in the lead up to Christmas.

A simple SMS or MMS message is the timely way to get a message to last minute shoppers and drive last minute Christmas purchases.

A recent article found on notes that research results show that 2010 Christmas Shoppers are going mad for last minute discount vouchers sent to them by text message.

The article looks at a simple case study from online retailer Rough Trax. “The concept is simple but amazingly effective”, reports Barry Hemmings from online retailer RoughTrax, “we’re texting out voucher codes to our customers that expire on our order deadline for Christmas. Customers can use the code online or by telephoning their order through and mentioning the code”.

This simple last minute offer has resulted in a 14% redemption rate to their voucher codes and Christmas sales are up 42% compared to the same time last year. Very impressive for a SMS.

The low cost, quick turn around and regularly impressive response rates of SMS and MMS marketing campaigns means they are perfect for that last minute Christmas kicker.

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