With SMS Timing Is Critical

When using SMS as the vehicle for your mobile messages, timing is everything!  No other medium or delivery method gets read as quickly and responded to as quickly as SMS.

What’s perhaps one of the most interesting reasons to advertise via SMS is that “about 90% of all text messages are read within three minutes of their delivery, and over 99% of all text messages are read by the recipient,” according to a ‘Whitepaper on Conversational Advertising’ by SinglePoint. The immediacy of SMS is not met by any other marketing channel.

SMS is read quicker than other mediums and so the timing of your SMS delivery can actually have a critical effect on your campaign and sales results.  As an example, imagine a local lunch shop sending an SMS for a lunch special, the difference between sending this promo at 11:30 am, just before lunch and 2:30 just after lunch makes for a pretty obvious example on time critical SMS messages.

Likewise the speed that SMS is delivered makes it possible to ask for quick replies.  Last minute sales offers or closes out marketing works particularly well with SMS.  When sending this type of marketing why not include an instant ‘text back to take up this offer’ to encourage quick and instant replies and leads.  You will reap the rewards by taking advantage of the ‘quick reply’ nature of SMS.

However not all SMS marketing has such obvious best delivery times.  If you are not sure about your delivery times, the basic general rule is to try not to send at private or potentially intrusive times of the day (for instance early morning or around dinner time) and to pick a time that is likely less full of distraction for a recipient. With those two thoughts in mind mobiPOST’s ‘General’ best time to send is mid morning or mid afternoon.  By all means though do your own testing and have a good think about the best way to time your message.

Likewise the quick delivery and response of SMS means responses are often received within minutes of sending, so make sure your front desk is aware of your campaign before sending.  If sending a large SMS campaign with a ‘call us now’ call to action, make sure you have the staff on hand to answer a sudden influx of enquiries.

For timing strategy advice or assisitance feel free to contact us.

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