Target your message to get better results

You’ve got a tonne of prospects sitting in your CRM database and you want to turn them into members, don’t you? One of the best ways to do this is by targeting your prospects with a highly valuable offer that is relevant to them.

Whoever you are marketing to; make sure the message you are sending out is something that they want and is thought of just for them. By doing this it creates a unique selling approach to your message and will ensure a higher level of acceptance of offers. Makes sense right?

target marketing

If you are in the fitness industry, start off with putting the audience you want to target into categories:
• Age
• Gender
• Active member
• Prospects
• Leads
• Non-actives
• etc

This is just to get your brain juices flowing with the different groups you can send you’re personalised, well thought out message to.

MOBIPOST is launching a new group’s management system, where you can place your groups into your account and send directly to them. This will make targeting your message a whole lot easier and more effective.

By putting the people you want to reach in different groups will help define what to send them and will also help to tailor your message.

Whatever industry you are in, you need to tailor the message and target the market to optimize results. Now that you are targeting them, reaching them with the right channel is the next step.

Mobile cuts through the communication process by sending a message direct to the person with 97% of messages actually being read within 15 minutes. Mobile is also a highly personal device that is never too far away from the carrier.

So to ensure that your message is being positively received and more likely for the offer to be accepted, there are three things you need to think about:
1. Target your market
2. Tailor the message
3. Use mobile as the communication tool

What are your thoughts on target marketing? Got any ideas you’d like to share?

photo credit: ogimogi via photopin cc