The top 3 reasons why MOBIPOST uses MOBIPOST Part 1 [Case Study]

Last month, MOBIPOST was invited to the Plus Fitness National Franchise Conference. We took the opportunity to have some one on one time with our Plus Fitness clients and help them become better mobile marketers.

We invited our clients to book in a free 30mins consultation with us where they also went into a draw to win a Fit Bit and a free MMS artwork.

We had 20 spots available and we wanted to fill them all. So we took to our own platform and created an inbound ‘text in’ campaign.

As we were sending out to our clients that usually perform most of their business via email we decided to send out the invite through as an electronic Direct Mail (eDM).

Within the email asked the receivers to text in a code word to the designated inbound line to show their interest and secure a spot for the free 30min consultations.

The Results

  • Fully booked out!

When our clients texted in to the inbound line they also received an immediate automated response back confirming their message had been received and that someone will be in contact with them to secure a preferred time.

We also sent out an MMS on the day of the Plus Fitness National Franchise Conference, a map and information of their scheduled appointment time to ensure all bookings were kept and attended.

Overall it was an absolute success and not an appointment was missed.

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