Using Social Media to Promote Your Brand

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are not only for teenagers. You can effectively use them to promote your brand. They are valuable and they are free.

If you are not connected to social media, you may lose your own clients and potential clients to those companies that are using social media to increase their businesses.

If you are confused about which social media sites to choose, it all depends on what your brand is. The information below explains why social media is so important to your business, not matter what you are promoting.

Most cost-effective online advertising

Currently, the most popular online media sites that are being used for business don’t cost anything. They are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (LinkedIn has an upgraded version that does cost money but the basic version is free). “Free” is definitely more cost-effective than spending money on online advertising techniques such as Pay Per Click or banner ads.

You can get noticed by targeted people whom you want as your customers

Social media has been aspects that are useful, including being broken up into groups of people with common interests. If you join groups based on your brand, you will be immediately connecting with your specific target audience, who will hopefully become customers. This can pay off in increased sales for you.

Forming your own community

After you have connected with the appropriate people on social media sites, you will be able to form your own groups with very specific interests. The result of this can be a niche market for your brand (goods and services) where you can share your knowledge with other members of your group. The members can become loyal connections and, eventually, loyal customers.

You can use social media to position yourself as a subject matter expert (SME)

If you share your knowledge free of charge with people who belong to your social media groups, those people will respect and trust you. The positive result of this is that those same people may eventually become loyal customers and may also bring in other potential customers. As an SME, you may also be invited to give blog interviews. The interviews will give you free exposure for your brand and thus, more free promotion for your expertise.

Social media can help you to find cross-promotional partners

What would generally be considered as direct competition in the off-line world is not thought of in the same way in the online world. It is common for online competitors to partner so that they can offer superior goods and services to their combined list of clients.

The clients are usually very receptive to the partnerships, especially since they are introduced to the partner from someone who they have already done business with and whom they trust. The partnership benefits both partners because you both get access to the other’s list (names and email addresses of clients) and greatly expand your repository of clients.

Social media allows you to have global reach

Considering that the world is now a global marketplace, why not have easy access to that market? Many social media sites have global reach. Wouldn’t it be great to promote your brand around the world and spark interest in your products and services on such a large scale?

You can announce updates of your business activities with a few clicks

With your vast connections on social media, you can let so many people know about what new offerings you have through your business. It is very simple to keep your clients and potential clients up to date on everything going on in your business. There are even online applications that allow you to update your status across several of your social media accounts at the same time.

In summary

You will find many more opportunities to promote your brand, goods, and services once you are connected to social media. You will start to wonder after that how your business ever did without it.

Michael Cohn

CompuKol Connection