Welcome your new members with open arms!

At MOBIPOST, we see a lot of great marketing strategies that help create lifelong members. Using Welcome MMS’s or SMS’s that include special offers, for example; free PT sessions or free classes for the first month, is one way to build high retention rates for new clients. But even the act of opening up the lines of communication works extremely well too.

Now pay attention to this bit of info: It is proven that if you get your new member through the gym doors at least 4 times in the first month they are more likely to become lifelong members!

This information many fitness marketing managers are not taking advantage of. Make the welcoming of your new client a priority and the results will speak for themselves.

A fitness manager that has been actively making new clients feel welcome is Bill from Essence Lifestyle Changes.

Bill says, “We really make it a priority for our new members to feel as welcome as possible from when they first walk in the door. The welcome messages are a great tool to ensure that this isn’t just a place where they can work out, but a place where they can enjoy the community feel for a lifetime.”

To keep your clients motivated in the first month, send them weekly reminders of a new class that they could try. Doing this will ensure greater chance that your new member will be a member for life!