Spam Laws

The Spam Act 2003 was developed in response to the growing volume of  unsolicited commercial electronic messages  (email or mobile messaging) at the time. Many of the legitimate uses of mobiPOST fall under the act so it is important that you are aware of the laws and guidlines around the legislation.

Here at Third Screen we request your compliance however understand the requirements are not always clear.  With that in mind we have created an easy to understand ‘SPAM Guide’ for you download here This document easily explains what is necessary for you to know.  With a focus on mobile it should fully explain what you need to include in your messages and how to manage opt outs and unsubscribes.

Please download the guide and familiarise yourself with it. Remember non compliance could end up being detrimental to you and your business.

Feel free to ask mobiPOST support if you are unsure of the requirements at anytime.