Recent Survey Results: Consumers Want SMS Alerts

According to a recent survey noted on 70 percent of consumers want more SMS alerts and users are willing to opt into SMS alerts and reminders.

The study asked participants how they currently receive appointment reminders with over 67% suggesting they would be glad to receive reminders over SMS and nearly 60% said they would actually opt in for a text reminder service.

The study found that the primary reason people were happy to recieve reminders was that they are far more convenient than traditional reminders and are stored on their mobile phone for future reference (as opposed to a mail reminder).

The survey was conducted in the U.K., which currently has the second highest usage of SMS after the U.S.  Some 83 billion text messages are sent in the U.K. every year — with more than 830 billion being sent in the U.S. — which means SMS reminders are set to become a major utility across numerous industries.

For any company maintaining bookings or appointments, SMS is the most effective, timely and cheapest way of reminding your clients of bookings. Mobile reminders can decrease lost revenue from no shows and streamline your communication practices.